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EEP Quality Group, Inc. provides customized Training & Consulting solutions, specializing in…

Strategic Business Planning

Leading Effective Cultural Change

ISO, TS and AS Quality Management Systems


Project Management

Team Building

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

Blueprint Reading

Statistical Process Control

Technical Mathematics

CNC Programming

We are change agents that equip teams for success. All of our programs are highly interactive. Most require application to “real time” opportunities in your organization as part of the program delivery. Our consultants will provide on or off-site training for your employees or if preferred, will train your trainer.

Tools that can be utilized in ANY organization...
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Lean and Six Sigma have received much press in the last ten to twenty years. The Lean Six Sigma approach, and associated tools, have proven to be successful in large manufacturing companies... significantly impacting the bottom line.  Did you know that these same initiatives are being successfully applied to service, health care, education and small manufacturers?

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"....EEP Quality Group has been a reliable source for our training needs....Brinkman Precision is confident that EEP Quality Group will provide the right resources....EEP Quality Group has been the "go to" organization for Brinkman Precision's training objectives."

David Leaderer
Quality Director
Brinkman Precision Inc.

" We found the ISO/TS 16949:2002 Internal Auditor class to be extremely beneficial in preparation for our upcoming surveillance audit. Walt is a great instructor and offered practical experience to our training sessions. You are fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and personable person on your team."

Scott Thomas
Director of Engineering
Cannon Industries

" Judd led our strategic planning process while he was the VP of Quality at CVC. His knowledge of strategic planning combined with his excellent facilitation skills were instrumental in helping us develop and execute an effective strategic plan that enabled 500% growth over a 5 year period."

Christine Whitman
Former President and CEO
CVC Products, Inc.

" I truly gained so much from our working sessions, interactions, and exchanges. You are an amazing person – I love your sense of humor and your incredible ability to simplify complicated material with your stories."

Deborah Holowka
Lean Leader, Workflow and Prepress Equipment
Eastman Kodak Company

" Bob, you made what could be considered one of the driest subject matters one of the best classes I ever had. The way you presented the material, with real-life examples, interactive learning tasks, and even some humor, made me actually WANT to be there. I thought I would need a LOT of coffee to make it through, but you kept us engaged and interested, and in the end I needed very little caffeine."

Ryan Thompson
Process Engineer
Eastman Kodak Company

" I am very happy to provide you with a testimonial as I see improvement taking place throughout our organization on a daily basis.

With Judd's guidance, we have embarked on a cultural change process with continuous improvement as a key underpinning. By the end of the first quarter 2008 our process improvement projects have already achieved the dollar savings that were projected for the entire year. In addition, the outputs of these improved processes are leading to significant improvements in customer satisfaction, both internally and externally. I highly recommend Judd and his approach."

Fabricio S. Morales
FM Office Express, Inc.

" Judd’s expertise in the domain (strategic planning) was conducive to keep all the sessions on target with little defocusing editorial comments. Judd's follow through after each session helped keep the team focused on achieving the desired goal without losing momentum or interest. Overall this was a very positive learning experience for the participants as it clearly linked company’s goals to departmental goals."

Max Elbaz
Geospatial Systems

" After a small group completed a GD&T course presented by Walt of EEP Quality Group, there was so much enthusiasm for the subject we were compelled to arrange more classes. Walt brought not only content expertise, but an engaging manner. EEP Quality Group tailored the classes to fit our needs. Harbec has since counted on EEP Quality Group to provide a variety of other training classes. It is our experience that EEP Quality Group understands our needs and I recommend their services."

Dae Atkinson
Continuous Improvement Manager
Harbec Plastics, Inc.

“EEP Quality Group was very easy to work with and always very professional. Their administrative staff was always willing to meet to discuss the project and ensure that our expectations were being met. The engineers and trainers working on the project did an excellent job and delivered a quality product. The end result was a well-documented process and trained engineers that can use the PFMEA’s created to develop working control plans.”

Robert L. Dulan, CSSBB
Senior Quality Engineer, NPO
RF Communications Division, Harris Corporation

" We were very satisfied with the quality and content of the training. The instructor was flexible in his approach and encouraged the use of actual process examples used in our business. Upon completion of the training our teams were more confident and proficient in the use of the FMEA and Control Plan techniques."

Marty Snow
Principal Quality Engineer
RF Communications Division, Harris Corporation

" Thanks to EEP Quality Group for their guidance to help us obtain our ISO certification. EEP Quality Group was very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate the fact that they did not come into our company and tell us how to run it. Instead they asked how we do things and made sure they met the ISO standard. We obtained our ISO certification within one and a half years with the help and guidance of EEP Quality Group."

Rick Sihto
Quality Manager / ISO Management Representative
Ingleside Machine Co., Inc.

" Klein Steel Service Inc. would like to say ‘thank you’ to EEP Quality Group for its continued support and partnership. As usual, Walt did a great job in our GD&T training last week! One of the key factors is the way EEP Quality Group and Walt have a great understanding of our culture and our vision for the future. We are looking forward to working with EEP Quality Group as we move to ISO certification."

Jim Sloan
Quality and Engineering Manager
Klein Steel Service Inc.

" The customized and thorough training EEP Quality Group provided to Litron was critical to help bring to market a new generation of products. Our staff has been working in a GLP environment and needed training towards becoming GMP compliant. EEP Quality Group was able to develop a training program that was efficient and comprehensive. We have a firm foundation on which to grow our business focused on protecting human health."

Carol R. Tometsko
President and CEO
Litron Laboratories

" I’m very happy to provide a testimonial for Judd Prozeller! Lumetrics was founded in 2003 and is a company that has moved from a startup into product sales and rapid growth. Our product is a highly technical light based measurement system that is sold into several very different markets. As part of our business growth, we recognized the need to develop a Strategic Plan. We did not have internal expertise in the development of the plan, and recognized that external facilitation was the best fit for our needs although we were concerned that we might not be able to find the proper blend of technical understanding and business acumen.

Through a referral from a business associate, we were introduced to Judd. After our first meeting, it was apparent that he had an ability to understand both our technology and the markets that we serve. We outlined our planning needs as well as our desire to complete the work in a very focused period of time. From start to finish we were able to develop our Strategic Plan as well as New Product Development and Key Account Management systems in about 6 weeks. Judd was highly instrumental in facilitating this process and was able to very effectively move us through the key elements of the Strategic Plan and at the same time ensuring that we dedicated enough discussion and analysis to important business metrics.

I highly recommend Judd as a facilitator for Strategic Planning and I intend to continue to use his services in the future."

John Hart
Lumetrics, Inc.

" Jeff Mucha is the Kevin Bacon of business. His knowledge of business, along with his team of consultants has not only helped us with our training needs very successfully, but with staffing and planning requirements as well. Two thumbs up!"

Tim Confer
Northern-Air Systems

" Bob guided Pittsford Schools through a process to increase our understanding of quality and how quality principles could assist us in improving the education experience for students. His work made a major difference toward our strategic planning efforts, especially in the use of data to improve our decision making. Bob is a master educator and communicator."

Bob Kendall
Deputy Superintendent
Pittsford Central Schools

" As the owner of our company, I believed in the lean manufacturing ideas, but was worried about implementing throughout 100 employees. After researching different consulting groups, we picked EEP Quality Group. The reason was simpler than I thought. We felt that their team could best relate to our people with their straight forward approach. After finishing our first year I can honestly say we picked the right team. Our savings from lean has been at least double the cost of implementation and we look forward to even more savings. Thanks EEP Quality Group!"

Peter E. Pape
The Riverside Group

" The breadth and depth of Judd's business knowledge and experience were a real asset to us. He was able to provide significant guidance and assistance in the areas of new product development, customer and employee satisfaction measurement systems, management development, performance appraisal, process improvement, quality management, recognition and reward, and strategic planning. It is obvious that he is comfortable moving between the private and public business sectors, and was able to customize his approaches to meet our specific needs. I highly recommend Judd as a trainer and consultant."

Barbara Sauer
Vice President of Finance and Administration
Rochester Museum & Science Center

" Wow, great service, thanks! I'd like to say I received all excellent feedback from all the participants of both the ISO/TS 16949 Internal Auditor and the GD&T classes. Everyone thinks Walt is a great instructor. His auditing technique makes learning fun and easy. Next time we get some training requirements, we want him! Thanks again."

John Kilpatrick
Senior Quality Engineer
Southco Inc.

" Thank you for your efforts in helping us achieve the long awaited L2 status with Carrier. It is quite meaningful to the company. We are quite grateful."

Thomas Robinson
Executive Vice President
StarTrak Systems, LLC

" Judd's knowledge of and experience with the ISO Quality Standard as well as manufacturing and management made him highly effective as a consultant to our organization. He was able to quickly see the gaps in our Quality Management System and worked with us to develop and implement the procedures appropriate to take us to the next level. I greatly appreciated his services and enjoyed working with him."

James Ralston
Director of Engineering
Veeco Instruments, Somerset Divsion

" Judd's knowledge of manufacturing and his experience as a Six Sigma trainer have made him a good fit for our training needs in the areas of Continuous Improvement and Six Sigma."

Barbara Taylor
Manager, Human Resources
Veeco Instruments, Tucson Division

" Judd helped to create a management competency model that provided a clear roadmap for developing our managers at all levels. His knowledge and experience as a trainer and adult educator make him a real asset to any business."

Sue Aulenbacher
Director of Human Resources
Veeco Instruments, Plainview Divison